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A TSW Fan Fiction contest was posted yesterday on the official TSW forums; the original post can be found here:

We have a lot of great writers around here, so please consider submitting a story! 

  • Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!  1st place wins 1600 Funcom Points; Honorary Mentions get 300 points. 
  • Submissions will be accepted through April 25th (until 11:59pm PDT). 
  • There is a word limit, so check the details for that. 
  • Submissions must be posted per the guidelines to qualify.  See the OP or the specifics below for more details. 

Thanks to Frod54 for the tip! 

Announcing the first Fan Fiction contest in The Alexandria Initiative Series!

The Alexandria Initiative will be an ongoing fan fiction contest series that rewards the creativity and quality of The Secret World’s community. Each round will have completely different requirements to challenge writers to try something new.

We am proud to announce that, thanks to the generous support of Funcom, this event will have rather hefty prizes, including over a month’s worth of Funcom Points! Read on to see how you can get in on the action.


As this is the first event, we’re starting off simple: Kingsmouth!

The town of Kingsmouth, Maine is many things to many people. Some consider it a home to defend. Others think of it more as a hell to escape. The soldiers of the Templar, Dragon, and Illuminati first cut their teeth on this rural hell full of mysteries. Whether the forgotten fires, the mass graves, or the fog and water, the stories even daily are endless and waiting to be told.

Entry Requirements:
  • Theme: The story must feature Kingsmouth Prominently. How this happens is up to you. Maybe your tale is a conversation between Andy and Moose! Or how about the tale of a heroic Templar fighting off a zombie horde? The story doesn’t event have to take place in Kingsmouth as long as it’s important to the events. Kristen Geary submitting her report on what went wrong is valid. So is the story of your original character as they prepare to travel through its Agarthan portal for the first time. As long as it relates to the town, anything goes!
  • Word Limit: 1,000 – 2,500.
  • Content: Mature. If it’s allowed in the game, it’s allowed here!
  • Deadline: April 25th, 11:59 PM PDT.

All entries will be judged by a group of judges hand selected by yours truly, each submitting their scores for all stories. Based on the totals, the following prizes will be given out:
  • 1st Place: 1600 Funcom Points
  • 2nd Place: 1200 Funcom Points
  • 3rd Place: 600 Funcom Points
  • Honorary Mention: 300 Points
(Judges are welcome to select Honorary Mentions for any reason they feel fit, be it "Best use of theme” or "Most hilarious pun”)
If you are interested in judging INSTEAD of entering, please contact me and we can discuss open roles.

Prizes will be awarded immediately after judging concludes, which is estimated to take 1 Week.


Simple post your story (or a link to it) on the Official Contest Thread on this forum thread! Alternatively, you are welcome to make a post on with the post tag #KingsmouthStory.

Please note The Alexandria Initiative will be hosted simultaneously on the official forums as well as All entries, regardless of where submitted, will be given equal consideration from the same prize pool.


Time to show us what you got! The sky’s the limit with this opening theme, so go nuts! We look forward to seeing what crazy ideas you’ve all got swirling around.
Let us know if you have any questions.
Good luck!

Don't Panic!

In the upcoming days, you will see some changes on  Nothing too major will happen all at once to throw you all off balance, so never fear.  Unused modules will be disappearing to make room for the ones we do use.  Some of the top menu links will be condensed to one easy to use Links page.

One of the things we have been considering for some time now is a complete design overhaul due to some folks not caring for the current graphics layout.  We've heard complaints running the gamut -- too many colors, too busy, the chatbox at the top of every page is distracting.  And of course there is the current debate going on regarding how factions should be tagged on players, and what colors should appear on member names.  These are all things that the TSW-RP staff cares about streamlining for ease of use (and to be easy on your eyes).  We want TSW-RP to be attractive and inviting!  

This is your chance to let us know how you feel about certain aspects of the site.  What do you like?  What do you not like?  What do you feel is missing?

But now, on to the big enchilada!

I have been deemed the 'creative director', which is probably laughable.  The amount of talent existing in this community is absolutely mind blowing, and I thought to myself, why limit us to my ideas only?  Thus, the tsw-rp staff is inviting YOU to create a banner for the website that the rest of the site will then be tailored to complement.

This is what we need from you:

* a banner that is clearly connected to The Secret World and
* banner can be adjusted to fit the site, but the perfect size seems to be 1050px by 339 px; bigger is okay, but save your working file in case we need you to alter something!
* no excessive gore or sexual themes
* no copyrighted material
* nothing faction-specific

We will be taking submissions until 12:00 am on May 1.  Some time on May 1, I will put up a voting thread so that the community can have their say on what they would like to see.  I will create a thread for the banner submissions to be posted in.  If you are uncomfortable posting yourself, feel free to send me a PM with a link to your graphic and I will post it for you anonymously.  

The TSW-RP current logo is attached to this post, so feel free to download it for use.

This thread is open for comments and suggestions, but please do not post your graphics here.  I will make a thread in the Art forum, which I will link here.

Now go get busy!  We're looking forward to seeing what you guys have buzzing around in your happy little heads.  Have fun, be creative, and happy submitting!

Sub Rosa

Cicileus a posted Apr 7, 14

The Latin phrase sub rosa means "under the rose" and is used in English to denote secrecy or confidentiality The rose as a symbol of secrecy has an ancient history. More recently, "sub rosa" activities have become a byword for covert operations, usually by security services. Originating primarily in the Canadian and American special forces, this meaning has been gradually spreading to other countries and in particular the United Kingdom.

- From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It all began with a vision of London burning.

Later came another vision of young women being tortured.

People with sensitive minds felt, heard and even lived through these visions and started talking to each other and their connections to figure out what was going on.

There is a new doctor in town who some call the Surgeon. Is he really the same Surgeon who is rumored to have killed Jacobo the old Necromancer in Spain? And if so, why?

Jacobo was said to have an old stone tablet, describing a ritual to render the veil, breaking the

wall between this world and the next. If the Surgeon really have this tablet, what is he waiting for?

And what about the Rose Treatment Center? Are they really treating patients there or is it just a cover for something more sinister?

Who is Misty Myers? Did Misty actually escape the claws of the Surgeon? And if she did, what will he do to get her back?

Is White Feather just another seer on Twitter? Or something completely different?

What is going to happen if the Mesopotamian Death Cult finalize their ritual in London?

And who is going to stop them?


SubRosa is an open community RP plot. Anyone and everyone who RPs in The Secret World is invited to participate. The plot is being played out partially in game, partially on Twitter, and partially in the forums.

The Sub Rosa plot have slowly been building over the last weeks.

We rely heavily on the support and involvement of the whole community and so far you have all been amazing!

Without you, the players, we would have nothing.

The plot is open for all to join and you are welcome to jump straight in either through twitter or any of the active threads here on the forum where people are discussing the plot. If you need a helping hand please get in touch with us directly via Twitter DMs and we will find a way for you to take part in the plot too. It’s a great way to get to know new characters and build network and connections.

For more information, please look into…

The TSW-RP SubRosa forum

You can also contact the plot coordinator on Enjin here (LINK).

New Game Director Letter up!  (LINK) Thank you Yaksha for the scoop!


4 investigations available next week. Dr. Aldini, Lisa Hui, Draculesti, and Mosul are featured. Rewards for completion.

Tokyo on testlive in April, maybe live in May. Some Tokyo monsters cannot be harmed without AEGIS support.

More information on AEGIS system - Demonic, Cybernetic, and Psychic enhancements.

Some PvP fixes.


Game Director Letter – March 2014

Hi guys,

Time to talk about all of the things that have been going on with TSW development this month and give you guys a status update on what is in the pipeline.


Firstly, I had a very nice trip to NC and sat down with the team and began setting up the roadmap for the rest of the year, and beyond. We are well aware of the fact that our updates have not been as fast as we (or you!) hoped and so some of our discussions were around different things we can do to improve our update speed.


So what is going on right now? I’m happy to announce that our first mission pack, titled Sidestories: Further Analysis will be available on the store next week. The Mission Pack contains four new investigation missions, spread across the world. 

The Animate Clay will see you returning to Dr Anton Aldini and following the trail of one of his lost creations as it struggles to find its purpose.

Immersion picks up at Lisa Hui in the Scorched Desert and has you investigating Orochi comms equipment in Egypt to try and get a signal from Tokyo HQ – and encountering something that you never would have expected. Tied together with this mission is a brand new feature – but I can’t reveal too much or it will spoil the mission!

Trials of the Dragon  explores the monster hunting prowess of your old friends, the Draculesti, and will give you the opportunity to undergo the Draculesti trials to become a true monster hunter.

And, finally, The Abandoned, marks a return to the mysterious  Mosul and sweeps you  into the backstories of the fairytale creatures of the Shadowy Forest.


As always every mission features fully voice acted and motion captured cinematics and for those who manage to solve all four, there is an extra special reward – The Inspector’s Gadget and another surprise prize.


Issue #9 - Tokyo and AEGIS

Issue #9, is the next major update after the Mission Pack. If it isn't obvious, the team has been very hard at work trying to finish everything and make sure it is nailed down for the release.


I fully reviewed all of the content when I was in Durham, and the team has been pushing to bring the entire update to a level of polish that we are satisfied with - hopefully you will be as well!


People have been bugging me for more details on the AEGIS system, and while I hate teasing people with tidbits, I supposed I can make an exception today!


The AEGIS system was developed in direct co-operation between various corporations under the umbrella of the Orochi Group. In particular, Anansi, Manticore and Vali have all provided their expertise to create their own specific variation of the AEGIS for use in the field.


AEGIS items are equipped in a new set of slots, that are located next to your current character gear slots. There are three major types of equipable item - AEGIS controllers, Anima-Energy Capacitors and Enhancement Modules.


AEGIS controllers are the core of the AEGIS system and they come in three distinct flavours - Demonic, Psychic and Cybernetic. Each corporation creates their own version of the AEGIS types - and those versions will have different effects. Controllers are equipped on weapon slots and they duly convert a percentage of the player damage to damage of a designated type.


AEGIS controllers are self learning devices - that is they are created with functionality that allows them to analyze filth samples in the field and upload their results to their parent corporations. When enough data has been gathered, an over-the-air patch will be released. Additional memory modules will be required in order to upgrade the device and eventually, firmware upgrades will be required to allow the device to reach its full capacity.


Anima-Energy capacitors are equipped on Chakra points on the players body. This is to enhance the flow of anima energy to the controller, which then has the ability to convert increasing amounts of damage to the desired type.


Finally, Enhancement Modules have subprograms that are designed to add an extra sting to the AEGIS attacks. A Feedback Loop enhancement, for example, will add a Damage over Time effect to the AEGIS damage being done. Hijacked Alacrity enhancements will steal the kinetic energy of an enemy, and transfer it to the player as a speed boost.


Remember, the filth is evolving and so must your weapons if you are to be effective! Many creatures in Tokyo cannot be harmed at all without the aid of an AEGIS device.


Tokyo will arrive on Testlive during this month, and depending on the amount of bugs/fixes required we hope to see it released during May.


PvP Fixes

Finally, I have had a few questions about the PvP Issue that I mentioned in the past. It is intrinsically tied to story events that are seeded during the course of the Tokyo Issue series, so it can be worked on at any time beyond that. I'd personally like to see it as the next update after Tokyo - but that is a discussion the team still needs to have.


We've made a few much-needed PvP fixes for 1.9 - changing the way relic handling works in El Dorado. It will no longer be possible to sprint and use movement based abilities while carrying a relic. We're in the process of creating a series of gadgets specifically for PvP and we're also starting work on the long awaited PvP upgrade path to 10.5.


Okay, that's it for me,




From the forums...  LINK has been the beating heart of the RP community in TSW since before launch. Now is a great time for us to be creating some larger, community-wide RP plots that are open to everyone.

The question is, what kind of RP do we, as a community, want to do?

Here's a chance to cast your vote. We want to know what YOU think.

Please take this survey. LINK

This will give writers and organizers an idea of what content will be most popular so that we can all have fun telling group stories in the Secret World together.

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