Extra Life!

Cicileus a posted Mon at 11:37
This week's article is by Jennet

Gaia's heroes are being given another opportunity to step up and save the world! Step into the game with us and support a real life cause... a really good cause: For the Kids!

This Saturday, October 25th, for twenty-four hours beginning at 9:00 a.m. Eastern US time, gamers all over the world will take to their computers, their tabletops, or anywhere games can be played, to raise money for the hospitals of the Children's Miracle Network.

This is Extra Life.

Consider supporting Extra life by sponsoring Team Otterdown, Team Funcom, or Team The Crimson Cross.

The Otters of Otterdown would like to personally invite any TSW-RP'ers to come out and join us. Join our team, or just tune in to chat with us during our livestreaming and TSW marathon gameplay on October 25th.

  We will be giving away in-game treats like purple signets, sets of 2nd Anniversary corrupted lore drop cards, a full set of attuned blue augments (Impenetrable 1-5), and Bags of Ethereal Gambit. Whatever we can get our hands on, we're going to hand it out to people to get those donations flowing! 

We will be looking for people to drag along that day, as well, when we go blearily into dungeons, scenarios, and missions.

Jennet Thanks to the awesome folks at Funcom, we also now have 1200 Funcom points each to give away to 10 folks who join us dur ...
Frod54 As a Team Otterdown helper, this gets two big paws up from me.