Enjoy a Power Weekend in The Secret World!

We wish to welcome you all to a brand new type of weekend. The all new Power Weekend starts today and lasts until Monday the 26th of January. During this weekend you can enjoy these great bonuses:


Extra Black Bullion: Every time you would earn Black Bullion you get one extra! This bonus also applies when you open Mystery Boxes and Deep Mystery Boxes.


50% more Marks of Venice: When  you earn Marks of Venice from PvP you earn 50% extra. In the Fusang Warzone the period between each rewarding of Marks is reduced by 50%. (The cap on the number of White Marks of Venice you can have has also been increased by 50%)


50% more AEGIS Reaserch XP in Tokyo: Every time you loot defeated enemies in the new Tokyo zone they yield 50% more AEGIS Research for your Weapon Controllers. 


Free Membership for Recruiting: For every new player you recruit during this period you get a free month of Membership in addition to the Veteran Points you normally get. (To get this bonus you must send your invite between now and the 26th of January and the recruit must purchase The Secret World within 30 days.) Everyone has been given  10 extra invite keys as bonus.


This is a great opportunity to take on the adventures in Tokyo and progress far into the fresh AEGIS system, face challenging Nightmare dungeons or throw yourself into the battle between warring Secret Societies in the PvP mini games or Fusang.