Welcome to the TSW-RP Wiki!

Cicileus a posted 21 hours ago
The TSW-RP Wiki is your one-stop place to find complete information on your characters, cabals, player lore, and fan-made locations, items, etc. pertaining to The Secret World. This place is entirely for fan-made information and characters.

The Wiki has four main sections:

  • PERSONAL RECORDS stores characters, whether PC (actual playable characters in game) or NPCs.
  • ORGANIZATIONS stores all the cabals, organizations, and companies.
  • LORE AND INTEL stores fan-made lore, locations, information, and items.
  • ADD INTEL lets you add your own.

There's a page of Useful Links for all your TSW needs, and you can add your own creations with the Character page or Cabal Info page. The pre-made templates guide you through making a new page with no need to understand Wiki formatting or programming.

Changes and Improvements

There have been a lot of changes in the Wiki in the last month, adding new functionality and cleaning things up. You can see the Upcoming Changes, and leave feedback or share your ideas in the suggestion thread on the forums.

What are some of the changes?

  • Characters and Cabals can now be tagged as Phoenician and Council of Venice in addition to the 'Big Three'.
  • Characters have an easy-to-toggle (enable/disable) skill pyramid
  • Cabals now show their factions, playing times, and playing styles to make finding a great group easier
  • Newly created pages auto-categorize themselves so you don't have to.

There's more to come! If you have questions or problems with anything in the TSW-RP Wiki, contact Spellsmith!